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Effluent compliance is already a huge issue in the greater Waikato area, and the WRC are committed to reviewing all dairy farms in the Waikato to ensure compliance with WRC Rules and Regulations to ensure farmers keep their effluent ponds under control.

As a mobile pumping system, we are able to manage your effluent ponds for you. With a mobile pumping units we can reach paddocks where fixed systems is not set up to pump to or we can cover areas your system does not have access to.

If you are looking to get your effluent pond pumped, give us a call and one of our sales team will provide you with a free estimate. We can also create an effluent management plan tailored to the specifics of your farm. This may be more beneficial than pumping only once per year due to loss of nutrients through leaching. We have installed flow-meters on all of our units, giving us accurate flow volumes. This, coupled with GPS Mapping, allows us to give you an accurate report of effluent placement.

Units Waikato wide

Effluent Pumping Services provides a professional effluent management service, any time, all over the Waikato and Coromandel. Our units are strategically placed around the Waikato so that we can reach you in a timely manner.

Flowmeters and GPS Mapping

We currently use to effective tools in the form of Flowmeters and GPS Mapping. Coupled together, these tools allow us to provide you with a detailed report of effluent placement, application depth and average Nitrogen and Potassium loadings. For an exact report of nutrient loadings, you may request us to test your effluent and we will provide you with the report within a week.

Pond Transferring

We have available mobiles pumps to transfer effluent and settling ponds from one to another. We can stir the ponds before transfer or just transfer the pond from one to another, without stirring.

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