Mobile Pumping System

Waikato-based company, Effluent Pumping Services mobile pumping units can pump your ponds for you and manage your effluent ponds to suit your requirements.

We have two full time units on the road and a third for busy times
and for joining up to get those back paddocks.

The business was purchased with 2 existing units. We offer effluent management solutions to our clients in a professional and timely manner, reporting back to farmers on volumes pumped, effluent placement, nitrogen and potassium levels.  

Why Choose us?

Units Waikato Wide

Effluent Pumping Services provides a professional effluent management service, any time, all over the Waikato and Coromandel. Our units are strategically placed around the Waikato so that we can reach you in a timely manner.

Flowmeters and GPS Mapping

We currently use to effective tools in the form of Flowmeters and GPS Mapping. Coupled together, these tools allow us to provide you with a detailed report of effluent placement, application depth and average Nitrogen and Potassium loadings.

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